Oblisk at Darling Point - Iconic Rotary

The Rotary club of Wynnum and Manly constructed and erected an oblisk at the entry to Manly Boat Harbour to mark the 75th anniversary of Rotary International on 23rd February 1980. It is at the end of the road past the Manly Coastguard HQ.
The brass plate on the top points out the main features of  Moreton Bay and the islands that surround it for the benefit of visitors at the North Wall Picnic area
The photo shows the unveiling by then President Peter Heathwood at the microphone, in the centre PP Ron Schmidt and on the right a representative of Harbours and Marine which gave the club permission to place the obelisk there.
As at the end of 2019 the obelisk is still there nearly 40 years later still in perfect condition despite being just a few metres from the salt spray and weather of Moreton Bay. 

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