Youth Services

YOUTH SERVICES: Programs offered by Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly

The Rotary Club of Wynnum and Manly engages with and supports a wide range of youth programs, all but one of which fall into the Youth Services portfolio.  Rotary Youth Exchange is managed by the International portfolio.

Youth Services is a large portfolio of projects which makes excellent use of the funds raised by members and provides many of our dedicated members with the opportunity to serve the futures of those young Australians participating and achieve their own goals in Rotary. Our club is able to fulfill its commitment to the programs in the Youth Services portfolio largely due to the support of members of the Youth Services Committee comprising the program managers mentioned below. 

Rotary Secondary School Citizenship Awards

The Citizenship Awards recognise the involvement of a Year 12 Student in the community life of their school and the local environment where the student lives. The rationale behind this “award” is that the student has participated with a high level of commitment, in a wide range of endeavours which may include academic, community service, sporting, musical or theatrical activities.   See More.


Rotary Youth Exchange Program.   pastedGraphic.png

Each year our clubs sends one student to study for up to a year in a selected foreign country [Europe, North America or Asia], to immerse in a new culture and its language and hosts a stuent here. A fantastic opportunity for challenge and growth for both of them! See More 


The major effort of NYSF is a 12-day residential workshop programme conducted in a major centre (Canberra, Brisbane) for Year 12 students using university staff and facilities. Our club supports one or more of the successful applicants each year.  

This program offers them the opportunity to learn about study options for careers in the fields of Science, Engineering, and Technology, within a University environment in Canberra or Brisbane.    See more about the program

Primary Schools Public Speaking Competition                                            

The Rotary Public Speaking competition has been running in Wynnum since 1978. Public speaking helps the speaker to gain self-esteem; enables the speaker to improve critical thinking skills; helps in the future for career advancement and decreases the fear of impromptu speaking. The Rotary Public Speaking competition gives students the competitive chance to hone these skills.

Prize money and trophies add to the event.

See more about the program

Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment [RYPEN]       

RYPEN is developing leadership potential in today’s world, where there are not always opportunities for teenagers to step outside their comfort zones and develop their leadership potential.  See more about the program


Rotary Youth Leadership Awards [RYLA]        

RYLAis a weeklong personal development and leadership program sponsored by Rotary aimed at developing the interpersonal and professional skills of young adults.  See more about this program

Conoco Phillips Rotary Science Experience

The ConocoPhillips Rotary Science Experience is a fun 3 or 4 days of science activities for students in grades 9-10 from local schools and colleges.

Each program is designed to provide students who have an interest in science with an opportunity to engage in a wide range of fascinating science activities under the guidance of scientists who love their work.  See more about this program

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