Rotary Youth Leadership Award (RYLA)       

is a week-long residential personal development and leadership program sponsored by Rotary aimed at developing the interpersonal and professional skills of young adults. It is held annually and led by experienced leaders aided by former participants.

Why would you go to RYLA?

A common comment at the end of every RYLA is "that was the best week of my life!" The sills and lessons learnt, the people met the atmosphere and the fun all contribute to make this a great stepping stone to living your life to YOUR fullest potential. 

Who is eligible to attend?

Young adults from diverse backgrounds, between the ages of 18 and 25, who have demonstrated leadership potential in a variety of situations may apply. Leadership potential may range from being involved in youth groups , being an active and positive employee, being involved in the community and so on. Whatever the situation, it is all about maximising what YOU want from life and what you are prepared to contribute to YOUR life. RYLA is usually held during the winter school vacation at Camp Duckadang near Esk.